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The Truthbrush - Bamboo Travel Case

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This Bamboo travel case from the makers of the Truthbrush is the perfect way to safely transport your toothbrush from A to B. Whether that's just down the road or half way round the world.
  • 🤝️ Travel Companion: A great companion for your Truthbrush bamboo toothbrush when you are on your travels.
    🌴 Sustainable: The bamboo used for the Truthbrush travel case comes from an FSC managed sustainable forest in China. China's obviously a long way away so the good people at Truthbrush offset the carbon footprint of shipping the toothbrushes to the UK.
    🐼 Panda Friendly: The Truthbrush travel case is made from Moso bamboo, which is grown away from the Pandas natural habitat, and this type of bamboo is not recognised as food by panda bears.
    🛁 Stylish: The creators of the Truthbrush travel case, Catherine & Catherine, have combined their expertise as a hospital surgeon and a fashion buyer to design a stylish way to transport your toothbrush.
    🌱 Naturally Hygienic: Bamboo has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties meaning bamboo travel cases are hygienic too.
  • Length: 210 mm
    Weight: 35 grams
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