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Reco Laundry detergent strips are the eco friendly washing solution you have been looking for. Convenient, Super concentrated and pre-measured detergent that you add straight to the washing machine.

😎 Recyclable carboard packaging
🌱 Certified biodegradable
♻️ No measuring, no mess, no fuss
🌱 Dissolves near instantly in cold or hot water
🌱 Fits through your letter box
Reco laundry detergent strips

No more plastic packaging

Packed into a 100% recyclable Kraft cardboard box. They are easy to recycle after use.

Reco laundry detergent strips

Light as a feather

Our laundry strips are solid, with most of the water squeezed out during production. This means they weigh significantly less than liquid detergents. In fact, the average liquid detergent capsule weighs 24g, one of our strips weighs only 2g.

This means you get the same cleaning power but can ship 91% less weight around the our product has a very low carbon cost because we aren't shipping unnecessary water weight round the world.

We still offset everything we can.

Reco laundry detergent strips
Reco laundry detergent strips

Space saving

Say goodbye to bulky bottles and capsule containers that only contain a few washes. Our laundry detergent strips are packed to the brim in sleek packaging you can fit into even the smallest space.

Reco laundry detergent strips

No Measuring, No Mess

Liquid detergent is messy and inconvenient, measuring out liquid and and powder is a pain and always ends up in a spillage you have to clean up! Even capsules have to be handled with care to make sure they don't break in your hands

Reco laundry detergent strips are easy 1 strip = 1 wash, if its a particularly soiled wash, chuck a whole sheet in there.

Reco laundry detergent strips

How to use Laundry Strips