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Cleaning Pad - LoofCo

A cleaning pad made from loofah that when immersed in water will swell and become spongy and flexible. Ideal for cleaning surfaces around your home.
  • 🏠 Use Around the Home: When immersed in water the loofah swells up and becomes a spongy, flexible yet robust cleaning pad that doesn't scratch. Ideal for cleaning surfaces, chopping boards, baths, sinks, tiles & taps.
    ♻️ Bio-degradable: Loofah is a naturally occurring fibre, when you are finished you can chuck it in the compost.
    💪 Durable: Loofah fibres are durable enough to last for months, making them a cost effective, as well as an environmental, choice.
    🌴 Sustainable: LoofCo farming practices are sustainable and to the highest environmental standard.
    🐇 Vegan: All LoofCo products have been certified as Vegan by The Vegan Society.
  • Height: 123 mm
    Width: 110 mm
    Depth: 32 mm
    Weight: 20 grams
  • Use with warm water and your favorite cleaning product.

    To keep loofah fresh between uses, rinse & squeeze out excess water and hang to dry from the cotton string loop.

    Occasionally wash in the washing machine or by hand if desired.

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What is a Loofah?

The loofah is a quick growing vine from the cucumber family that produces a fruit which contains durable, yet soft and flexible, fibres.

When ripe, the fruit develops a complex network of these fibres that are perfect for cleaning and exfoliating purposes when dried.

LoofCo loofahs are grown in Egypt, harvested, peeled, washed and left to dry in the sun before being made into various products.

Why a loofah?

When immersed in water, loofahs transform and expand into a spongy, flexible yet robust material.

This makes them perfect for household cleaning, while also proving to be a soft, gentle skin exfoliator for your personal care routine.

loofah farm with loofahs growing on line loofah growing on the vine
peeled loofah loofah on production line
eight different coloured FORMcars laying on top of each other


All about LoofCo

LoofCo's mission is to create an alternative to mass-produced plastic brushes, cleaning pads, exfoliators, scrapers and scrubbers.

That's why all LoofCo products are made from the naturally occurring plant fibres of the LOOFah plant and COconuts, hence the name LoofCo!

Skilfully hand-made in Sri Lanka and Egypt, the LoofCo range supports traditional working practices and provides valuable and ethical employment in rural areas.

LoofCo farming practices are sustainable and to the highest environmental standards. They take great care to ensure local farmers are treated fairly, with wages and benefits, such as medical insurance, that are higher than normal rates.