Pokito - The Collapsible Coffee Cup

Pokito, a collapsible coffee cup designed to fit into your life. You can change the size of the cup to suit your favourite style of coffee and when you are done, Pokito squishes down completely for easy storage in your pocket or bag.
  • 🔼🔽 Resizeable: A collapsible coffee cup that is three sizes in one: Espresso, Medio and Grande.
    🎒 Portable: The perfect size when you need it, and when you're done you can scrunch it down and pop it in your pocket or bag.
    ♻️ Eco-friendly: Pokito is made to last and made of easy to recycle materials. It's portable and easy to carry with you at all times, so you can always be ready to say no to that single-use cup.
    👌 Spill Proof: Screw on the lid and click shut to seal.
    ✨ Easy Clean: Pokito is dishwasher safe, just wash and go.
    🙌 Safe: Pokito collapsible coffee cups are made from FDA-approved materials and contain no BPA.
  • Grande Medio Espresso
    Capacity: 475 ml 350 ml 230 ml
    Height: 150 mm 105 mm 105 mm
    Width (of lid): 95 mm
    Width (of base): 66 mm
    Weight: 120 grams
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One Collapsible Coffee Cup - 3 Sizes

pokito collapsible coffee cup lime collapsed


width: 95 mm
height: 45 mm
pokito collapsible coffee cup lime espresso


volume: 230 ml
height: 105 mm
pokito collapsible coffee cup lime medio


volume: 350 ml
height: 105 mm
pokito collapsible coffee cup lime grande


volume: 475 ml
height: 15 mm
Andrew Brooks the creator of the collapsible coffee cup Pokito


The Story Behind Pokito

Andrew Brooks is the creator of Pokito. He began sketching out ideas for a collapsible and reusable coffee cup in 2012 before taking then to a team of industrial designers who developed and refined the idea into an initial working prototype.

Over the next few years, engineers tested and experimented with numerous types of materials and made many minor adjustments to get it just right.

All the hard work culminated in a Kickstarter campaign launched in November 2016 which raised over £100,000 from over 3,300 backers. Not only that, the campaign is ranked among one of the top 1% on Kickstarter.

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