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Reco Toothtabs

Still not sure about these tbh. With out trying other people's products. Ordered for the first time and got 3 packets. These are our 2nd order, only ordered more cause I had taken a subscription out and although they say 3mnths supply & slightly cheaper 2nd time round, we only recieved 2 packs this time for the same amount paid for origanally.
For a 3person household it still doesnt really seem enough & still endup paying the same price no matter what. Whether their products are cheaper like other people say remains to be seen. I'm not sure without doing the maths properly. On the plus side though they do get teeth white and still leave the mouth minty fresh.

Great idea

I love the idea of the tablets , just sadly the taste isn’t brilliant and so it’s hard to get my 9 year old daughter using them ..... but I am happy as I don’t brush my teeth for the taste .
A big thumbs up


All good

Quick service, great product

Fully converted - we love Toothtabs

I am slightly obsessive about cleaning my teeth and I must admit that I was a little doubtful about the effectiveness of these little tabs. However I am now slightly in love with them! They do take a little time to get used to as there is no foam that is expected when brushing with conventional paste but they do a great job and my teeth and mouth feel very clean after brushing. The flavour is very subtle, I would like them a little stronger, but my husband disagrees and likes the flavour as it is - you will never please everyone I guess! We travel a lot in our motorhome and the toothtabs will be excellent for the van and the lack of foam will be a great bonus to our waste tank. All in all, we think the Toothtabs are a great idea and we are very pleased that we discovered them.


Works just as well as toothpaste. They have a nice flavour and are easy to use.

Reco Tabs

Excellent product. Lovely clean teeth and have whitened them too! Love that I’m not putting plastic tubes in the bin. I will forever buy this product x

Enjoying changing to these

Took a while to get used to, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to the old toothpaste anytime soon. I like that it’s minimal packaging and recyclable. I just wish they could be a bit more foamy. 😀
I like they’re very compact and won’t leak, so great when travelling. Also they seem to be much better at keeping plaque at the base of my teeth under control, compared with toothpaste.

Surprisingly effective

In our bid to move away from plastics we have been trialling various environmentally friendly household products; probably an increasingly common activity during lockdown. Toothpaste tubes have always bothered me as they are a chunk of plastic which I can't clean easily and often not recyclable. Plus toothpaste has the potential to be quite messy (we don't have children but, if you do, then you know). We were really sceptical about Reco; well, about toothpaste tablets in place of paste. But then it was a free trial so why not. The first time I used them I was instantly impressed. The taste and the effect were great. My teeth actually feel shinier than they did with toothpaste. The flouride count is more than sufficient for my sensitive teeth. And now we have a lovely glass, lidded bowl in the bathroom with the tablets in, in place of the unattractive toothpaste. It's a no brainer really.

Helpful and convenient

A great alternative to plastic bags for storage and carrying many items, remember to take them with you!

All smiles

Arrived as expected with good sustainable packaging. I am getting used to chewing them into a paste. Good level of communication, not bombarded with emails.

Brush better.

I am happy to use the tooth brush I feel as if I am helping the environment by not using plastic brushes

Amazing product and customer service

Recommend highly. Customer service is great and love the tablets

Toothpaste tabs

I love these toothpaste tablets. I struggled to find some with fluoride which had no plastic packaging. These taste great and help with reducing waste as well as mess from toothpaste. The dentist was really happy my teeth were strong and healthy having started using them too!

Great product!

Love the simplicity of this these tooth tabs. Teeth feel fresh and clean all day and love the look of the storage tin. Easy for travel as well!

Great prody

Very good product, I feel my teeth are super clean and there's no plastic involved! Definitely recommend!


Fantastic. Teeth very clean and breathe smells fresh!

Giving them a go

As other people have said, these take a bit of getting used to. We’re so pleased to be cutting down on plastic, but...the texture of tooth tabs in general is a bit unpleasant. We also find that the minty taste disappears quite quickly. They work well with electric toothbrush with closed loop recyclable heads and great that they contain fluoride.

Happy customer

Good service, can amend subscription at any time. Excellent product which is guilt free!

Great company.

Really good company, single use plastic is a problem, plastic tooth brushes and tooth paste are a harming fish; Reco are helping solve that problem.

prompt delivery whihc is always good. No plastic packaging another plus. I have tried other tooth tabs and definately prefer the firmer Reco ones.

Good quality Toothtabs

I’ve tried several brands and decided to stick with Reco as they have the best flavour and strength of tablet. It holds up to create a reasonable ‘foam’ and doesn’t turn to ‘nothing’ within a minute of chewing which some other tablets do.

Super product and service

Really prompt change to my order. Whole family now converts!

Efficient service

Reco send the tablets in good time so you never run out.

Great product

Gives me a handy supply. 2 tabs foam reasonably well and give me a feeling of clean. They taste okay and are good value