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Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads
Izabela Marks (Leighton Buzzard, GB)
Great produce, no different to other toothbrushes heads

Love the fact you trying to get our planet healthy again with small steps to no plastic waste. On top of that the toothbrush head is no different to the other I used! Definitely buying again

Highly recommend

These washing sheets are excellent.

They wash just as well as my regular washing powder, but take up a fraction of the space in the cupboard.

I really like that they fit in a normal envelope and don't weigh much coming through the post and so have less of a carbon footprint.

Would highly recommend.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply

These work satisfactorily as a cleaner and I like the pretty neutral taste, conventional toothpaste tastes unpleasantly strong;y by comparison. however, toothtabs are much more difficult to use due to the need to chew them and get them to dissolve in your mouth. I find it necessary to brush my teeth a bit, then remove the toothbrush and swill the liquid around my mouth and then resume brushing. i think that this aspect will limit their popularity

Great for clothes, great for the environment

The Laundry Detergent Sheet from Reco does its job on very dirty clothes, including removing tomato sauce stains and cleaning sweaty gym outfits.

It is more environmentally-friendly than most laundry products out there so I'd definitely recommend it.

Reco Laundry Detergent Strips

I was really pleased and quite excited when I was asked if I would try and then review a trial pack of the Reco Laundry Detergent Strips and said yes immediately.

Having just finished off the final strip, I was sent 10, I can happily say I am very impressed, very easy to use and they do exactly as they’re designed to do, clean your clothes, very well, in a more eco-friendly way, which is what I am all about and want to support. so yes, a full 5 out of 5 from me.

Thanks for asking me to trial them.

Goodbye laundry powder

These Reco laundry sheets are amazing. They left our laundry as clean and fresh as any liquid or powder previously used, but without the environmental impact. I'm a convert.

Washday Winner!

These laundry detergent sheets are fantastic, no more washing out and refilling a plastic bottle at a shop in town, which isn't too bad except for the extra weight for the walk home.

The pack takes up minimal space in the cupboard so I can keep organised.

They perform better than powder or tablets at lower temperatures as you don't get the gritty bits from undisolved product. They even managed to get purple hair dye off my towels in one go! Also, very easy to use, half a sheet for a regular wash, or a full sheet for heavy soil. A half sheet, regular wash was also enough to remove mud from walking trousers and mess from light gardening.

The smell reminded me of a mens body spray, but it doesn't overpower my fabric softener so it's not a problem.

I'll certainly be buying these in future and have already showed and explained them to friends, one of whom tried to take my last 3 sheets home with her!

Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads
Teri Knight (Llandudno Junction, GB)
So far so good

Arrived promptly. Fits my Oral B toothbrush well. Bristles seem a little hard but I guess they will soften (I usually go for a medium brush). Early days so can't comment on how long they will last or how recycling works out. Full marks guys for trying to address the HUGE problem of non-recyclable toothbrush waste!

Laundry with zero waste and zero faff.

I was sent a trial pack of laundry strips and was very impressed. I haven’t used traditional detergents in several years, instead, using eco eggs and soap nuts which are good but have a bit of a learning curve which could put people off making the switch.

These strips come in simple cardboard with no extra packaging, so once used can be composted/ recycled/reused easily.

The strips smell divine and once your laundry is washed and line-dried there is just a very delicate fresh smell, which I much prefer over strong artificial fragrances usually associated with laundry detergents.

They are so easy to use and dissolve completely without leaving any residue; they don’t generate too much foam and the results are great- I used a short 30°C wash.

They are space-saving so would be perfect for taking on holiday, I can’t see any reason for not swapping from regular detergents to these.

Clean laundry

First time trying laundry detergent sheets and I'm pleased with them. They are very simple to use, just rip a sheet and place in the washing machine. Love that they are eco friendly and do a good job, my clothes came out clean and fresh.

Laundry Strips

These are easy to use do what it says on the label and comes in plastic free packaging , Highly Recommend

Works perfectly

I really like the packaging - very compact. I live in an area with hard water so I put 2 sheets in with my wash and it seems to work the same as my old detergent. I will definitely continue using these.

One sheet does plenty

I currently use an eco-egg but as much I love the concept and it’s a very cost effective way of doing laundry - I just wasn’t getting that fresh clean laundry vibe like I used to with pods or liquid.

I was already familiar with the Reco brand as I use their toothpaste tablets and jumped at the chance to try their new laundry sheet. I love that it’s compact, and the packaging was simply and recyclable.

The samples smelled good and as you can divide the sheet into two I like that it tears really easily so zero fuss. Popped them in the wash and I have to say they do a really good job; clothes are clean and the stain removal is very good.

It makes a nice change also from listening to my egg bounce round the drum on a light load. I also really like that these sheets can be used for a hand wash on delicate items, I’ve tried this also (used gloves) and was really pleased with the results.

My only critique would be that the scent could be improved further by having a spring / blossom / floral element thrown in; other than that I’m super happy with this product and I cannot wait to see how the development of this goes.

Bring on the Bamboo

Good toothbrushes. Buying in bulk ensures I have no excuse for brushing my teeth with an old frayed toothbrush so my teeth get a proper clean. They seem to last about as long as any other toothbrush I've used. The friction of the bamboo on the lips while brushing can wear the skin down and cause minor bleeding at first, but this only seems to happen at the very beginning of using a bamboo toothbrush - I've had no problem since 'breaking it in'. Perhaps some sort of a wrap around that area would help, like the colour wrap at the bottom of the handle?

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Kathleen Cawthorne (Rotherham, GB)
Excellent product

Great product & proud to be helping the planet rid itself of unnecessary plastic

Great idea

Took a bit of getting used to but I am there now. Great idea. Really so much better than having all those tubes wasted. Even my 14 year old is using them!

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Simon Briggs (Birmingham, GB)

Excellent product serving a great purpose

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Lisa Oberladstaetter (Manchester, GB)
Not strong enough for me

I am afraid these don’t work well for me personally and I will have to cancel my subscription. I feel my teeth get dirty way more quickly than with other tabs or regular toothpaste and even after brushing they still don’t feel completely clean (and I have been using them for 2 months I think), not even when using two tabs. Compared to other tabs, they dissolve a lot harder as well.

I like the paper bag, that’s great! Don’t need a new jar every month or so.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Charlotte Simmonds (Sutton in Ashfield, GB)
Reco Toothtabs

Still not sure about these tbh. With out trying other people's products. Ordered for the first time and got 3 packets. These are our 2nd order, only ordered more cause I had taken a subscription out and although they say 3mnths supply & slightly cheaper 2nd time round, we only recieved 2 packs this time for the same amount paid for origanally.
For a 3person household it still doesnt really seem enough & still endup paying the same price no matter what. Whether their products are cheaper like other people say remains to be seen. I'm not sure without doing the maths properly. On the plus side though they do get teeth white and still leave the mouth minty fresh.

Great idea

I love the idea of the tablets , just sadly the taste isn’t brilliant and so it’s hard to get my 9 year old daughter using them ..... but I am happy as I don’t brush my teeth for the taste .
A big thumbs up


Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Stephen Smith (Harpenden, GB)
All good

Quick service, great product

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Amanda Simmonds (South Benfleet, GB)
Fully converted - we love Toothtabs

I am slightly obsessive about cleaning my teeth and I must admit that I was a little doubtful about the effectiveness of these little tabs. However I am now slightly in love with them! They do take a little time to get used to as there is no foam that is expected when brushing with conventional paste but they do a great job and my teeth and mouth feel very clean after brushing. The flavour is very subtle, I would like them a little stronger, but my husband disagrees and likes the flavour as it is - you will never please everyone I guess! We travel a lot in our motorhome and the toothtabs will be excellent for the van and the lack of foam will be a great bonus to our waste tank. All in all, we think the Toothtabs are a great idea and we are very pleased that we discovered them.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Jennifer Haddon (Oldham, GB)

Works just as well as toothpaste. They have a nice flavour and are easy to use.


Great, always on time

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Samantha Fage (Chelmsford, GB)
Reco Tabs

Excellent product. Lovely clean teeth and have whitened them too! Love that I’m not putting plastic tubes in the bin. I will forever buy this product x