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Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Cathy Rogers (Brighton, GB)
New-style laundry

Happy with the laundry sheets so far - suspect 2 at a time is in fact best for thorough wash. Would like the lovely scent from the box to be more apparent in the washed clothes though!

Happy with my purchase

I have recently started using these laundry detergent sheets and they are great. They take up so little space and come in a small cardboard box. I wish more products could come in this format. I highly recommend it.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Hazel Symon (Beckton, GB)

I have been using the tabs for aged now. My teeth feel clean and fresh. Will not ho back to normal toothpaste now.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Felicity Hornby (Dumfries, GB)
Convenient, space-saver and environmentally friendly

Seems to wash as well as my old liquid detergent although find I still need to add fabric conditioner to get the "fresh" smell that I like hence 4 stars instead of 5

I love that it takes up so little space in the cupboard, and is plastic-free. Also pleased that I get a reminder email when the subscription is due to renew as it means I can postpone the next delivery if I don't need it at that point.

Have already recommended to family and friends

Laundry sheets

Very happy with the laundry sheets, laundry comes out clean. I love how little space the box takes up and how much plastic this saves!

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Teresa Trussell (Norwich, GB)

Straightforward, no mess, a clean wash and helping the environment too, what’s to not like.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Maru Rojas (Notting Hill Gate, GB)
Great packaging, good product

The sheets take up no space at all and seem to wash well, without leaving too strong a scent on our clothes. I would just like to know a bit more about how they are made, we were previously using Method so I prefer ingredients that are kind to the environment and skin

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Jasmin Wade (Reading, GB)

Once you get used to them, this product is great. And you are helping the environment!

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Sarah Press (Peterborough, GB)
Top tabs and team

Great tooth tabs with an option for fluoride, delivered regularly and promptly while i bathe in the glow of a no-plastic tooth care halo. Great communication and support from the Reco team.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Karen Cockfield (Luton, GB)
I was so sceptical

Well so far so good. I started with 2 sheets in with my normal load and guess what it worked!! Next wash at the weekend Im going to try it on a white wash. Will use a whole (2) sheet and then post a further review.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Nicholas Faddes (Inverness, GB)
Awesome and super handy!

Always got a pack in my car, backpack, or bathroom if im in a hurry

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Joanna Martin (Islington, GB)
Tooth tabs

Love the tooth tabs, wouldntt go back to normal toothpaste niw

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Gillian Smith (Bradford, GB)
Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets

I have been using these laundry sheets since they were launched by Reco and have been very impressed at how easy and simple they are to use. The fact they are small and light means they take up less space then 'pods', are nice to handle and have a delicate scent which leaves washed clothes smelling pleasant. In addition the sheets are eco-friendly and come in cardboard packaging.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Heather Nisbet (Royal Leamington Spa, GB)
Reco washing sheets

I have been using these for about a week now. I find half a sheet gets my clothes clean. I was a bit septical at first as they were non biological but will definetely be buying them again when I have finished my first box. It is great no more messy liquids and they come in a box which will fit through your letterbox.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Janette Leyshon (Halesowen, GB)
Does the job very well

Does the job very well. Cleans well with a fresh clean but not overpowering scent, plus all the the eco benefits.

Simple, convenient and effective!

I was curious to try these so I ordered a sample pack of these and was not disappointed - they solve all of the problems I have had in the past with capsules and liquid/powder detergents by being so compact and completely mess-free. No more powder clogs in the washing machine and or burst liquid capsules in my cupboard!!

The strips themselves are super effective, I used two for a large load and found that all of the stains (one was actually a coffee spill) came out perfectly without even needing additional stain remover. They smell fresh without being overpoweringly scented and having them delivered through my letterbox is so convenient!

I’m totally converted and have signed up for a regular subscription! Thank you!!

Great product

Do your bit for the environment and get some of these! Great cleaning power and a subtle fragrance, delivered through your letter box!

Great eco-product

What a great idea!

Works just as well as the old powder/liquids, without the fake smells, heavy weight and bulk, waste packaging, transport cost/carbon etc. Easy to use and store, takes up very little space.

As a bonus we found these ideal when on holiday/travelling as they take up no space, weigh next to nothing and save having to buy expensive small quantity washing liquids e.g. at campsite laundry’s

I'm a complete convert!

I love these - no going back to pods for me.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Stephen Rockhill (Croydon, GB)
Great product

Easy and convenient to use and clean my teeth well.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
J Summer-Morrell (Washington, GB)


Great all rounder product

These eco sheets are really great.
They clean my laundry perfectly. They smell great, really convenient as they come pre sized so no using too much.
They are good for travelling too as no liquid leakages or crushed powder tablets.
I love that they are eco in every respect, the sheets themselves, the packaging, the size and weight.
Definitely an all rounder. Ticks all the boxes for me.

Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads
Izabela Marks (Leighton Buzzard, GB)
Great produce, no different to other toothbrushes heads

Love the fact you trying to get our planet healthy again with small steps to no plastic waste. On top of that the toothbrush head is no different to the other I used! Definitely buying again

Highly recommend

These washing sheets are excellent.

They wash just as well as my regular washing powder, but take up a fraction of the space in the cupboard.

I really like that they fit in a normal envelope and don't weigh much coming through the post and so have less of a carbon footprint.

Would highly recommend.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply

These work satisfactorily as a cleaner and I like the pretty neutral taste, conventional toothpaste tastes unpleasantly strong;y by comparison. however, toothtabs are much more difficult to use due to the need to chew them and get them to dissolve in your mouth. I find it necessary to brush my teeth a bit, then remove the toothbrush and swill the liquid around my mouth and then resume brushing. i think that this aspect will limit their popularity