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Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Rebecca Mann (Guildford, GB)
Happy with these

They work well and clean well, not much else to say!

Reco laundry detergent sheets

Love these - they actually work! Washing comes out clean and fresh. Planet friendly packaging great too.

Good alternative

Pleased with the reco sheets. They don't perfume your washing, the eco credentials are the main lure. You tend to need more than the recommended sheet to wash ratio to clean properly. It all works out more expensive and the price needs to come down to make it a viable option for more people.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack - New

Excellent washing sheets!

This is my first time using alternatives to washing liquid and doing so for environmental reasns. I have been totally impressed with the cleaning power of these sheets as its often smelly running gear.! Well done Reco, I'm converted!!

Great product

I have use Reco detergent sheets for a while now and I find they clean our laundry well


My only criticism is that they have a scent and I don’t like unnatural smell’s

Great product- highly recommend

Great product- they work really well, good value for money (92 sheets in each pack), and the customer service is excellent. Using laundry sheets cuts down both your use of plastic and the climate impact of transporting liquids.

Detergent sheets

Work so well,& only need half a sheet for lighter loads👏

Great product

They have a fabulous scent, clothes wash really nicely. And I love how there’s no plastic involved at all!

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack - New
Susan Smith (Waltham Abbey, GB)
Does the job!

So pleased not to be buying anymore plastic bottles

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Stephanie Preacher (York, GB)
The BEST I've used so far

I've tried many types of these sheets (FOUR different brands), but these seem to the the best. Easy to divide into two, pleasant aroma. Low-temp washing works. They do the job for us.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Wilma Whitson (Tranent, GB)
Laundry Detergent sheets

Love them easy to use great for storage

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack - New
Fiona Bewell (Wellingborough, GB)
Great product

Lovely subtle smell, great for day to day small loads of washing. Requires double laundry sheet for larger loads of washing.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack - New
Pat Greenstreet (Portsmouth, GB)
Laundry Detergent Sheets

Had a trial order and now have had my 1st order delivered. They are brilliant so easy and such a clean no mess way to use. Clothes come out lovely and clean and appear to be fine for my sensitive skin.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Lesley Baden (Thrapston, GB)
Great for the environment.

Great product. Easy to use and no mess in the utility room. Very good customer service too when I made a mistake on my order.

Amazing! Give it a try!

Such prompt delivery, takes up no space at all, works brilliantly (even on rugby kits - although I use 2 sheets for this!) and is good for the environment. I'm disabled and the sheets make it so much easier for me to use.

Great product

I’ve been using the laundry sheets for a while and cannot fault them. My laundry is clean and fresh and it makes me happy to know that I am doing my bit to lower pollution. Would definitely recommend.

Washing didn't soap up or have no smell attal in washing

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Sophie Maignan (Derby, GB)
Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply = excellent

I have bought the toothtabs with fluoride tablets for quite a few years now and have never looked back: I love them. They clean my teeth really well, my mouth always feels fresh and they are easy to carry when I travel. I am very conscious of the environment and I would never go back to using toothpaste in a singe use plastic tube that would end up in a landfill. This is one of the changes we have made in our household and we are very happy with our choice. Also, they come in the post, I never run out before they arrive, and I always get excellent communication advising me of payment being made and my little parcel being on its way: could not be easier!
Extremely happy with everything, Thank you Reco!
Sophie M.

Great product

I love using the laundry sheets. Take up little space in the cupboard, give great results and no mess!

Great product, terrible packaging

I have started using Reco laundry sheets and love them. They get my clothes really clean, dissolve quickly and smell lovely. The box is terrible though. It opens at the end so it is fiddly to get just one sheet especially as they are in pairs that have to be torn apart and one put back in the box. A top opening box would be much better. I used to use Freddie sheets and will decant these into their box.

Reco laundry sheets

I’ve been using this product for the past two years and I am happy with it.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Rosie Crane (Walthamstow, GB)
mainly great! a little bitter

these tooth tabs are pretty good. They seem to get my teeth clean fine. I like that they have fluoride in them. The only issue is they have a slightly bitter aftertaste which isn't the case with 'normal' toothpastes. But I'm sticking with them because they reduce plastic waste.

Great product

The sheets are really good, so easy to use, no mess and my clothes smell fresh. Very happy with the switch