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Great product

Love there is no plastic waste.
Great at cleaning clothes and subscription has been changed to arrive just as my box runs out. Has also saved me some money as well as plastic waste!

It works

I have been subscribed for a few months, always delivered on time. I was a bit concerned at first as you only put a sheet with your washing and no soap is required, but it really works. Clothes come out clean as ever. Always happy to do my bit for the environment.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
David Stansfield (Norwich, GB)
Eco friendly and lighter

No more plastic no more carrying heavy bottles in my rucksack either. My wife has always been fussy about detergents, allergies etc. but I swapped over and no complaints. Great for the environment and my wallet. Easy to order and fast service.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
the Launderning (Bristol, GB)
Super easy and smell lovely

Easy to use, great fragrance. I'm fairly sure 'liquitabs' contributed to our washing machine breaking down, so I was looking for an eco alternative. These Reco sheets fit the bill perfectly.

Value for money

Good to find a value for money option that is the right decision for the environment.

Toothtabs with Fluoride - 3 Months Supply
Yoon Gi Yang (London, GB)
Great product

Been using these for more than a year now, keep them in a little jar. Easy to travel with too.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
janet coley (Southampton, GB)
Good for the environment

Lovely subtle scent, easy to use and store and good for the environment. Easy to manage subscription.

Great sustainable solution to laundry

I have tried a couple of sustainable options for laundry detergent
Reco definitely has a freshly washed smell with no chemical scent
I’m just at the beginning of my new order but happy so far

Reco laundry sheets.

I got a trial at first.
I love how small and compact they are yet do the job. I Prefer to put them into the laundry draws. So much nicer than having big bottles around in my small kitchen! I love the scent they have and feel good knowing it helps the environment. I'm keeping my subscription and not looking back ! I love them .

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Ginny Wright (Southampton, GB)
Detergent sheets

They are good however the washing comes out with no smell so I usually use one whole sheet but there is no smell which is a shame

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Suzanna King (Manchester, GB)
Fab product

Easy to use. Easy to order.

Highly recommended!

I’m on my second box of Reco at the moment and I have to say I don’t miss my old washing detergent at all!

They save space, clean the clothes really well and no guilt about all the plastic waste that comes from regular washing detergent.

I would recommend to anyone!

So easy

I find these so easy to use and so convenient to store. They clean as well as liquid and you don't need conditionet, plus you are helping to save the world. Win win.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Naomi Williams (Stroud, GB)
Laundry Sheets

We've been using the Reco laundry sheets for a few weeks now and they are working really well - our laundry is clean and smells lovely, and there's no packaging other than a small cardboard box - perfect!

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Caroline Heathfield (Northampton, GB)
Love them

Best I've used

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Nichola Donovan (Sandhurst, GB)
An easy Eco swap

Smells delightful, takes up next to no space in the cupboard and simple, sensible packaging. Does a good job at tackling normal washing but will still need stain remover on my daughter’s nursery clothes. Nevertheless will be sticking with this product going forward



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I'll follow up with you by email and get another delivery arrange for you.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Lauren KENYON (Redruth, GB)
Wash Day

It clleaned well bur idid,t llike how hard my washing fellt afyer i like my laundry to be soft after ir has dried without having to add conditioner, if its possible making your sheet leave laundry softer and smelling nice after being in the tumble dryer who knows it would be a plus for me.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Andrea BJORNSON (Norwich, GB)
Give It A Try

I’m so glad that I gave theses laundry sheets a try, I’ll never go back to my previous product. Even though they appear a bit more money initially they actually save me money because I can’t use more product than necessary. The results are just as good as my previous product but instead of a bulky bottle or box I have a slim box that fits between my machine and worktop. The icing in the cake ( main reason for trying it out) absolutely no waste product/ plastic!


I love these. They clean really well, and have zero plastic packaging. Have recommended them to everyone I know.

Detergent Sheets

Great product - really, really like the fact that there is no plastic waste or harm to the environment. However I'm not too keen on the smell - Linen - and although pleasant in itself, I'd prefer no smell at all.
Otherwise, prompt delivery and washes well, what could be better 😊

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Sheila Paterson (Middlesbrough, GB)
Reduce Plastic

These detergent sheets are amazing. They take up so little space and are posted through your letterbox. You can change the delivery schedule on line at any time. A great way to save using plastic containers for fabric washing products.

Toothpaste tablets

I tried so many tablets before finding Reco ones. Some were so expensive, the flavour wasn't the best. Me and my family wanted good fresh feeling after. Reco ticked all the boxes for us.

Reco Laundry Detergent Sheets - 92 Wash Pack
Chris Lederer (Catford, GB)
Very impressed

We get a repeat order of toothpaste tabs and laundry detergent sheets. Very impressed with both. It's really easy to change delivery dates if necessary too. Thanks Reco!